Inheriting the spirit of craftsman and advocating design for human. Since its establishment, DHO has focused on high-end space design, it always adheres to designing human-oriented, integrating art into life, conveying humanistic feelings and pursuing excellent quality. >

传承匠人精神,倡导设计为人。 成立至今,DHO专注高端空间设计,始终坚持设计以人为本,融艺术于生活,传递人文情怀,追求卓越品质。

Art comes from life and design returns to its roots. DHO combines Chinese and Western cultures, promotes the glorious fusion of design, art and life, reproduces the art metaphor of life, and presents the harmonious beauty of classical and modern, tradition and innovation. >

艺术源于生活,设计回归本源。 DHO融汇中西方文化,主张设计,艺术,生活的完美融合,重现艺术对生活的隐喻,呈现古典与现代、传统与创新的和谐之美。

No design style can be popular all the time, however, every design creation can be unique. DHO lays emphasis on not only the original attributes of design, but also using its original design concept and rich customization experience, to inject new vitality into each original design, enduing the designs with more possibilities. >

没有一种设计风格可以永远流行,但是每一个设计创作都可以独具匠心。 DHO所注重的不仅是设计的原创属性,更以其多元的设计理念和丰富的定制经验,为每一个原创设计方案注入全新活力,赋予更多可能。

Established in 2001, DHO International Design has an international vision, and gathers world-class designers from Italy, America, and France, etc. Equipped with a multidisciplinary design team specializing in the field of planning, architecture, landscape and interior space, etc., we are dedicated to the design of sales centres, show flats, boutique hotels, health care buildings, working spaces, commercial spaces and so on, striving to provide clients with high-quality, customized and one-stop services.
Besides, with a view to satisfying the demands for cutting-edge design of our clients, who are engaged in various fields, we work to offer systematic design solutions and integrated professional services, covering decoration, VI branding and intelligent weak-current system, etc., endeavouring to create optimal experience for clients.